Who We Serve


For decades, our company has been able to develop long term, efficient supply & distribution programs to some of the most reputable foodservice establishments in the country. Because of our strategic location and diverse production capabilities, R.S.. Hanline has built numerous large programs in the highest consumption areas in the United States.

We recognize that you need an innovative supplier that can help differentiate your company in the marketplace. At R.S. Hanline, we have the experience and positioning to help improve efficiencies in your supply chain, while delivering the highest quality products.


Food Manufacturing
For years, our company has specialized in building ingredient-based programs to the food manufacturing industry. Whether it be soups, sauces, dressings, or salads, we provide a value added solution to these complex ingredient-based food items by delivering select produce items in a custom “ready-to-mix” fashion. We recognize the measurement of efficiencies and quality management needed for certain unique produce items, and help facilitate that process for food industry companies that do not specialize in fresh produce handling.



Over the past 25 years, our company has worked with some of the nation’s most reputable retailers. Our team will work diligently to develop programs that meet the customer’s unique and specific needs. We recognize the differentiation that each customer demands in the market place, and work hard to create the solution that they aspire to have.

We have employed countless private label programs, as well as Hanline branded and packaged products. Our company takes great pride in developing specific packaging concepts for each individual customer.

Because of the breadth of our value added services, we are able to service every tier of retail distribution. We have serviced our customers through countless overwrap, repack, processed, and raw distribution programs.

Lastly, we have integrated relationships to deliver reliable, high quality local programs.


Leveraged purchasing power, freight savings on rail friendly product, and over a century of combined procurement knowledge enables R.S. Hanline to be to a great solution for the wholesale businesses in the Eastern United States. For years, our company has partnered with wholesalers throughout our 19 state service area to fill out our trucks and pass incremental value down to important wholesale direct-to-store distributors throughout the region.

Our direct relationships with some of the largest and most prominent grower/shippers in North America allows for R.S. Hanline to be a year round, low cost, high quality provider to any wholesale produce business. Because of our large contract business with select national retail and foodservice customers, we have distribution lanes in every direction from Shelby, allowing for efficient transportation costs to all of our customers.