A trusted fresh produce supplier

Founded in 1986 in Shelby, Ohio

The R.S. Hanline Company has become a trusted fresh produce supplier to some of the most reputable food service, retail, food manufacturing and wholesale distribution companies in the United States.

For more than 30 years, the R.S. Hanline Company has leveraged its resources to become one of the largest produce distributors in the Eastern United States, with a diverse offering that includes an extensive line of fresh-cut value added, specialty and locally grown products for all market segments in the produce industry.

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In 2016, R.S. Hanline expanded its geographic footprint by opening a Cedar Rapids, Iowa facility. Along with the pre-existing Ohio location, R.S. Hanline collectively boasts more than 300,000 square feet storage & manufacturing space. In addition, the company has 22 different cold storage and processing units to ensure a completely integrated produce program for our customers.


A Primus GFS certified organization & committed food manufacturer

R.S. Hanline recognizes their civic duty to comply and exceed the food safety measurements that are set forth in the industry. R.S. Hanline takes pride in their ability to be a pro-active company in taking all necessary food safety precautions in today’s continuously evolving food safety governance over the perishable food markets.

The R.S. Hanline Company will create value-added solutions for all of your produce needs. Whether it be repacking, ripening, fresh cut processing, overwrap, wholesale, private label packaging, forward consolidation services, or transportation solutions, R.S. Hanline will strive to be a nimble problem solver for all of your produce related issues.